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First time skydiving

First Time in a Plane; First Time Skydiving

I had just turned twenty years of age. On the return leg of one of the most adventurous summers I had ever had. I had just spent a month living in my car, traveling the entirety of the United States west coast, and sulking in […]

Van life

#VanLife: The Tale of Two Brothers and One Van

Adam and Justin Henderson are two brothers from Montana with adventurous souls. They share a unique bond in that they both made life-altering decisions. At the age of 19 years old, Adam purchased a van and moved into it; dedicating himself to an on-the-move lifestyle. […]

Short Story Contest

SHORT STORY GUIDELINES Are you a travel writer? Ever dreamed of being published for thousands to read? Here’s your chance with this short story contest! All travel writers are welcome. This could be your lucky break as a writer, don’t miss it! What are you […]

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