Filipino Festivals You’ll Never Forget

When we consider a trip to the Philippines, most of us think about the iconic friendly locals or the stunning sights. What you might not realise is that this archipelago of over 7,000 islands is also famed for something a little wilder. We are, of course, talking about the world famous Filipino fiestas. As can […]

Portland Oregon

Top 4 Must-See Things in Oregon

Oregon is a coastal state that’s full of unbelievable beauty. It’s a brilliant place to visit, and you’ll have a lot of fun in some of the magnificent cities dotted around the area. If you’re planning a trip to Oregon soon, then here’s a lovely treat for you! Below, you’ll see some of the top […]

Alternative Things To Do In San Francisco

There’s more to San Fran than Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Whilst these attractions pull in the most visitors, the city is teeming with other things to see and do. Some of these quirky attractions could help to make your trip to San Francisco unique and memorable (even if you’ve visited SF before, you […]


Take a Chance on Augusta

When you’re preparing a trip States side you almost automatically tick off the big names. We’re talking, of course, New York, Los Angeles, Boston or Washington. But the absolute beauty of heading to this part of the world is the sheer scale of choice you have. You literally have a trip for every type of […]

singapore wild side

Singapore’s Wild Side

You’re on your way to the other side of the world but there are always plenty of stop-offs along the way and perhaps one little island that might catch your eye is the Little Red Dot, otherwise known as Singapore. This island state is unique in the region and well worth adding to your itinerary […]

Great Places To Surf In Morocco

If surfing is your gig and you are looking for somewhere new to explore this summer, Morocco could be the ideal choice for you. When searching for a new spot to surf and ride the waves this year, there are loads of fun options to choose from. Today we are going to make a run […]