Singapore: Sling Your Packing In Your Suitcase And Get-Going

So, you’ve decided head to the city-state of Singapore; you’re in for a treat. The multicultural destination boasts a rich history, full of cultural and scenic delights, and has a tropical climate to boot. You’ll find a mixture of grand buildings, city elegance and charm, along with quaint traditions and breathtaking temples. There really will be a feast for all your senses, anyone’s pallette, and never a shortage of things to do, see, and experience. Basically, you’ve made an excellent choice regarding your next travel adventure, and now is your time to enjoy the planning process. Like any escapade or vacation, you’ll need to do a little research and preparation, before you step foot on the plane. With so many options in front of you, it’s worth narrowing-down what feels most appealing. Things may change once you’ve arrived, but it’s always smart to be armed with as much information and knowledge as possible.

Therefore, it’s time to grab a notebook so that you can begin writing some lists, and planning an itinerary to get excited about. It’s worth thinking about your trip in stages, so that you can work out the logistics, then you can start planning and booking the fun stuff so that you’ve got plenty of magical memories ahead of you. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and things to consider, if you’re embarking on a southeast Asia escape to Singapore, and want your trip to be the best it can be.

Where To Stay

Your accommodation will play a huge part in how much you enjoy your Singapore adventure. So, whether you’re checking out a HDB in Yishun for a longer adventure, a flash hotel next to Marina Bay for a luxury escape, or something budget-friendly for those who are planning to be out most of the time; it’s worth putting your thought into it. Try to decide if you want to be in the thick of the action within the city; you’ll benefit from all the amenities on your doorstep. Or, perhaps you need to experience a more soothing and natural backdrop, to unwind; in which case, you’ll need to find suitable accomodation near the mangroves of Ubin, or the waters of Pulau Hantu. Wherever you choose, make sure you research how it will impact your budget, your time, and what you can access with ease.

Plan To Eat

Singapore is known for its culinary diversity, and you’ll find a meal to fill you-up around every turn. There’s something to suit any budget, and, no matter how much or little you spend, you’ll rarely have to sacrifice any flavor. 2am:dessertbar, in Holland Village, is for those with a sweet tooth, and frequented by locals in-the-know. If you’re unsure of exactly what you want for lunch or dinner, but just know that you’re in need of a drink and plenty of restaurant options; head to Clarke Quay, where you’ll discover an array of bars and eateries to satiate you. And, for those who want to fill-up fast, without breaking the budget, it’s worth getting some culinary inspiration and checking out Timeout’s 22 Best Cheap Eats In Singapore so that you can arrive with a thorough list, and leave with a full stomach.

Plenty Of History

Singapore’s colonial past, has undoubtedly had a significant influence on what the city has become today. However, you’ll find plenty of history and heritage, and you’ll be able to see how it’s shaped what you experience in modern-day Singapore. There’s the Lion City bicycle tour; a beautiful way to enjoy good weather, and see the sights at your own pace. Guided tours are popular, and are well-worth booking; you’ll benefit from local, insider knowledge, and leave full of facts and memories. There’s also the Changi WW11 War Trail Tour; an excellent chance to discover the impact of events, as you see even more of the destination. Remember that popular tours get booked quickly, so try and organize these before you travel, to save on disappointment.

A Modern Appeal

The beautiful marina, quay, and sleek architecture, are all examples of the uber-modern appeal of Singapore today. It’s multicultural influence and colonial past, have no doubt impacted the city. However, the Lion City has carved its own character and style, distinguishing itself as a place like no other. Whether drinking in the Marina Bay Sands, breathing-in the fresh air of the Bay East Garden, or finding designer style down The Orchard Road; you’ll be delighting your senses for the duration of your stay.


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