Singapore’s Wild Side

You’re on your way to the other side of the world but there are always plenty of stop-offs along the way and perhaps one little island that might catch your eye is the Little Red Dot, otherwise known as Singapore.

This island state is unique in the region and well worth adding to your itinerary with a visit. As soon as you set foot in the clean, calm and collected Changi Airport you know that you’re in for an experience not to be missed.

Head out of the airport and into Changi village and you’ll be treated to one of the island’s best hawker centres, a food court that has everything including a welcome cold beer or freshly squeezed juices, alongside some amazing local and international dishes.

Meet the Locals

Once your refreshed and well fed, hop on a bum boat over to the tiny neighbouring island of Pulau Ubin. Here you’ll be able to hire a bike and cruise leisurely around finding old military forts, hitting the beaches and carefully avoiding the wild boar and other native species.

Back on the bum boat to the mainland and you’re ready to explore some of the other unique sights Singapore has to offer.

If you’re still in the mood for some wildlife, grab a bus or count on using Lyft or Uber to take you to the Macritchie Reservoir. If you arrive around breakfast or lunchtime head to the Mushroom Cafe where you’ll enjoy the spectacle of the macaque monkeys attempting to steal diners’ food from their plates. The long suffering waiting staff will lend you a water pistol to shoo the little thieves away and allow you to enjoy your curry puff in peace.

Then take a walk around the reservoir itself. Follow the longer and more challenging hiking trail, heading into the rain forest or enjoy a more gentle stroll on the boardwalk alongside the banks of the reservoir. If you’re in the mood for a longer hike you’ll find signposts directing you to another reservoir and country park not too far away from Macritchie.

Urban Visits

For more hustle and bustle make Chinatown your next stop. You’ll find everything you need in this unique area and more, including a treasured TinTin shop dedicated to the Belgian boy hero.

There’s so much to see and do around this island state that you’ll be spoilt for choice and while much of it is very busy there are ample opportunities to avoid the crowds and find some peace and quiet on the East Coast and on Changi beaches.

Don’t just relegate Singapore to a stopover, spend some time getting to know the people, the culture and the food in this diverse and fascinating place. From hawker centres to Michelin-starred Dim Sum, from monkeys to the huge malls in Orchard Road, there’s something in the Lion City for everyone so plan your visit and see what makes Singapore such a fascinating part of the world.

Adam J. Cheshier
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Adam J. Cheshier

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