Hey! I Published a Fiction Travel Novel — Check it out!

Hey! I Published a Fiction Travel Novel — Check it out!

In case you haven’t heard, I just finished writing my first novel! It’s set to be published in less than two weeks (15th November). You can read more about it and help me spread the word. In honor of my first novel being published, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite travel novels written by […]


5 Ways To Prepare For Your First Business Trip

If you’re heading on your first ever business trip then it is important you do absolutely everything you can to make a good impression. Whilst you’re on this business trip you will be a representative of your company. This means that being as organised and as prepared as you can be will not only reflect […]


Notes on Georgia: A Wild, Wild Country

I arrived in Kutaisi, Georgia mid-morning on a dreary Monday morning. After landing, the Pilot got on the intercom and calmly announced, “Thank you for flying with us and have a good day in Poland.” Quickly, everyone on board had a miniature panic episode thinking the plane had taken us on the wrong route before […]


7 Must-Visit Destinations in Indonesia

How many countries in the world can you describe as being diverse? Perhaps some countries have a diverse cultural background, or maybe another has a wide collection of different languages. However, when it comes to overall diversity in both the culture, land, cuisine and entertainment, few countries are as exciting to visit as Indonesia. Indonesia […]


10 Reasons You NEED to Try Scuba Diving

Despite being on many peoples’ bucket list, too many people still do not know what it is like to try scuba diving. I spent six months working in a dive shop in the Mediterranean and it was one of the enlightening experiences of my life. Not only that, but I learned a few things about […]


Geological Wonders You Need to Discover On Your Next Vacation to Australia

No matter if you are a landscape photographer or would just like to get closer to nature, maybe you would like to find out more about the geological history of our planet, Australia is the place to visit. From amazing landscapes and rock formations to the underwater world, there are some settings you will never […]


Letters from Bali: To Gozo from Abroad

18 April 2019 Nina and the Janoschka Family, Hello from Bali! It has been a long-time dream to reach this Indonesian paradise and I’m finally here. By the time you receive this, I may be well gone but by then I will have stayed for a month which I consider myself very lucky. Unfortunately, visa […]

visit santa cruz

Visiting Santa Cruz

There is no denying that Santa Cruz is a great place to visit. If you have never been here before, you are in for a memorable experience. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the reasons to visit this part of the world, as well as providing you with some […]


5 Reasons To Visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So, you’re thinking of heading out to Southeast Asia, but you don’t actually know where to go. Bangkok? Pattaya? Those well-known tourist haunts? Whilst some of these places are super exciting, there are roads throughout Asia that are much less traveled. For some reason, a lot of people don’t consider Malaysia too much, although admittedly, […]