10 Reasons You NEED to Try Scuba Diving

Despite being on many peoples’ bucket list, too many people still do not know what it is like to try scuba diving.

I spent six months working in a dive shop in the Mediterranean and it was one of the enlightening experiences of my life. Not only that, but I learned a few things about diving which I wanted to share with people on the fence about giving it a go. Maybe this will give you the extra push to try scuba diving.

Below are 10 reasons you need to experience life undersea if it is your first time scuba diving!

See impressive life undersea like whale sharks in SE Asia.

10. You get to adventure into one of the truly unexplored places left in the world!

I still remember my first dive. It was on an island in the Mediterranean I had never heard about, but thanks to Surface Interval, I realized it was the perfect place to try scuba diving.

As I submerged myself under the sea and started motoring my legs behind me, I was introduced to everything which was brand new. I didn’t realize what was waiting for me until I was actually underwater.

It felt like I was exploring the unknown on my own. I felt like a true explorer. That feeling is irreplaceable.

9. You join a community you didn’t know existed

Just as surfers have their clique, the diving community also has theirs. You will notice it isn’t hard to plant your feet within their circle after you try diving. Once you are in, you are in for life!

You will feel exclusive – especially while traveling in countries which are known as exemplary diving destinations. As you move around from location to location checking out the underwater scene, you will meet divers from all around the world and you will quickly pick-up the same interests and have a common talking point – the dives!

8. You will learn about a world underwater

Did you know an estimated 50-80% of life on earth is found underneath the ocean’s surface? Not only that, but only 10% of the ocean is estimated to have been explored by humans. That is quite a lot of open sea to explore considering 99% of the living space on this planet consists of the oceans.

Learn more unique facts about ocean exploration before you jump into diving!

Explore dark ocean depths!

7. You will learn a new language

Bet you didn’t know divers have their own language. How else are they supposed to communicate when they are underwater?

The language is made up of hand signals and movements and is rather easy to pick-up if you are a newbie. Just wait until the first time you are underwater and communicating with your dive group. You will feel like you have just been let in on a secret code. Not to mention, it will help you fit into your new community.

Learn underwater language.

6. You can learn a new freelance trade

On this blog, I am all about new opportunities to expand your work resume. I believe the freedom to be free and earn an income around the world is indispensable. Diving is that opportunity for many people.

Actually, most people use diving as a means to travel the world. If you are a PADI certified Divemaster in one place, you are a PADI Divemaster around the world (and it is usually not too hard to find independent work with dive shops if you are Divemaster certified).

Not to mention, Divemasters and Instructors make pretty decent cash – especially in less-developed countries where it is still possible to make a first-world wage as a Divemaster. That means your money will last longer, too!

5. You get to travel the world over

Some of the hottest diving destinations are in the most exotic places in the world where only divers go.

This is true of my time in the Philippines. Particularly, on a small island, a diving paradise, in the north of Cebu. I’m hesitant to say the name of the island because I want it to stay shared only between divers and locals!

Imagine a place without cars and only dirt paths as routes of transportation; and one of the only places to catch thrasher sharks in the world! (hint: it is an island called Malapascua in the Philippines).

4. You will find a new travel hobby

A common excuse from those who have never tried diving is “I don’t live in a place where I can dive any day I want so why start?”

Many divers aren’t fortunate enough to live in a location in which diving is easily accessible. You aren’t alone. However, holiday diving is still fun. Imagine chasing all the best diving locations around the world.

You’d get bored diving in one place the whole time if you lived in a location which you could dive any time you want. So, that’s not an excuse!

3. You’ll get a taste of local history

In some destinations (my favorite destinations), there are signs of the past in the depths of the ocean. Shipwrecks, plane crashes, and much more to entice any history buff with a bit of an adventurous side!

Explore a plane used to transport cocaine during the Colombian crisis in the Caribbean. Pick through World War II shipwrecks all over Europe. Whatever your interests desire – there’s history behind almost any dive you go on and raising your experience will only allow you to explore further.

2. You get to actively save the planet

Many divers are in-tune with the damage which is occurring to ecosystems around the globe. It is sad, but the human impact is evident and divers across the planet are taking note and taking action.

Help save these diverse ecosystems by giving diving a try and cleaning up the ocean while you do it.

Help divers clean the ocean.

1. The sky is the limit

Or… should I say ‘the ocean’. But the sentiment still applies – your opportunities are endless! You can become as experienced as you would like and dive in so many diverse ecosystems around the world. What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Will you try scuba diving?

It is one of the greatest pleasures every time I slide on my wet suit, strap on my tank, and sink down into the world of a fish. I am positive you will think the same when you finally give scuba diving a chance and are swimming side-by-side sea turtles and breathing underwater!

Hopefully, this has inspired you to go scuba diving. If you have any questions, as always, don’t be afraid to reach out. Maybe I can help!

Adam J. Cheshier
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Adam J. Cheshier

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