7 Must-Visit Destinations in Indonesia

How many countries in the world can you describe as being diverse? Perhaps some countries have a diverse cultural background, or maybe another has a wide collection of different languages. However, when it comes to overall diversity in both the culture, land, cuisine and entertainment, few countries are as exciting to visit as Indonesia.

Indonesia is truly one of the world’s most vast and diverse countries. There are thousands of islands, a mixture of dozens of culinary backgrounds and arguably some of the most varied forms of entertainment in the entire world. Such a grand country deserves more attention, which is why we’re going to give you a rundown on seven of the most interesting must-visit destinations in the country.

Bangka Belitung Islands

Located off the eastern coast of Sumatra, the Bangka Belitung Islands are a small set of islands that surround the islands of Bangka and Belitung. They’re covered in sandy beaches, granite rock formations and also a couple of hotspots such as Tanjung Tinggi Beach and a colonial-era Dutch-built lighthouse. This is an impressive destination in Indonesia that is popular for its charming views. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, then there are many smaller islands in the surrounding area that offer even more untapped natural beauty.


As the capital city of Western Kalimantan, Pontianak is where you’ll get a taste of exciting and traditional Indonesian culture. Close to one of the longest rivers in the world, The Kapuas River, there are countless cultural destinations to visit if you’re interested in the history of Indonesia. Pontianak is also a fantastic place to go if you love wildlife spotting. Be it orangutans or freshwater dolphins, there’s plenty here.


To many, Ubud is considered as the cultural capital of the island of Bali and it’s also one of the more modern locations in Indonesia. With a passion for art and fine cuisine, Ubud is the perfect entry point for people who want a more modern experience in Indonesia and aren’t quite ready to explore the deeper cultural and traditional side of the country. There’s no shortage of beautiful scenes and amusing activities in this popular hotspot, so make sure you visit here at least once on your trip to Indonesia.


Although it’s the second largest city in Indonesia behind Jakarta, it’s also the complete opposite in almost every way possible. Filled with charm and its own take on Indonesian cuisine, Bandung is a location worth exploring. With traditional street food stalls sitting opposite high-end shopping experiences, it’s worth finding the best apartment in Bandung just to get the most out of your visit. You’ll find that next to Jakarta and Ubud, Bandung is one of the top recommended destinations in the whole of Indonesia.

Tanah Lot

As one of the top sights in Bali, Tanah Lot is arguably one of the most recognizable and well-known temples in Indonesia. Unfortunately, you cannot actually enter the temple but you can walk around it when the tide is low. The temple itself is a beautiful stone construction with stairs, trees and traditional Indonesian buildings. The entire temple has been created by human hands and there are plenty of romantic sunsets to enjoy. This is the perfect spot to visit if you love having a more laid-back and explorative holiday instead of an active and lively one.

Komodo National Park

As the closest thing to real mythical dragons in the entire world, Komodo Dragons are a rare and treasured sight despite how dangerous they can be. These massive reptiles are beautiful yet deadly, armed with sharp claws and poisonous saliva. Thankfully, you can view these beautiful reptiles in their natural habitat here on Komodo National Park thanks to the experienced tour guides who also take care of the majestic beasts. If wildlife spotting is on your list of things to do, then don’t miss this excellent destination.


We can’t complete a list of must-visit destinations and Indonesia without mentioning Jakarta. As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a massive capital that sits on the northwest coast of Java. It has a huge mix of cultures ranging from Javanese to Chinese and even Europeans. These mixed cultures have greatly influenced everything from the cuisine to the architecture, making Jakarta an absolutely stunning city that is bustling with activity and a remarkable city that is easy to get around in. The nightlife scene is growing, the cuisine is delicious and there’s a whole range of different architectures and sights to see. Next to Ubud and Bandung, Jakarta is an absolute must-visit destination that you cannot afford to miss.

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