Alternative Things To Do In San Francisco

There’s more to San Fran than Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Whilst these attractions pull in the most visitors, the city is teeming with other things to see and do. Some of these quirky attractions could help to make your trip to San Francisco unique and memorable (even if you’ve visited SF before, you may never have realised some of these attractions even exist).

Spot a wild parrot

San Francisco may hardly have the tropical climate for parrots, but they can be frequently seen in Telegraph Hill. Where did they come from? There are various wild stories – some claim that there were originally only four parrots that escaped from a pet store, but have since bred to a population of 200. In any case, it can be fun to try and catch sight of one.

Listen to the wave organ

Built in 1986, this sculpture amplifies sounds of the waves hitting the bay using a series of pipes. It has become a place of peace for many people that live in the city, relying on nature to create music. It’s a great place to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Watch a movie at the peephole cinema

Most people walk past the peephole cinema without even knowing it’s there. Located in the wall of 280 Orange Alley is a strangely located peephole – crouch down and stare through this and you can watch any number of silent movies that are played throughout the day.

Take a crime tour

San Francisco has a number of walking tours and bus tours. However, for a tour with a more unique spin, why not try a San Francisco crime tour? This tour helps you to learn about the various crimes that have occurred throughout the city of the years, including those of the notorious Zodiac killer. It’s a tour with a thrill.

Get lost in Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze

The buzzing attractions of Pier 39 make it easy to miss this mirror maze attraction – but it’s well worth trying whilst you’re on the pier. It’s widely regarded as the best mirror mazes in the country and is great for kids and adults alike. Tickets to the maze are very cheap and you can get further family discounts by using vouchers online.

Visit the Antique vibrator museum

This attraction isn’t so suited to families with kids – located in an adult shop on Polk Street you’ll find the Antique vibrator museum, dedicated entirely to the history of vibrators. Some of the exhibits date back to over a century. It’s definitely one of San Fran’s most offbeat museums.

Grab a drink in a speakeasy

There are a number of original speakeasy bars in San Francisco that are still operating to this day. If you’re looking for somewhere unusual to grab a drink, these can be a great option. Bourbon and Branch is one of the most renowned – you’ll need to make a reservation, unless you’re able to solve the secret entry password.

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