A Story of Make Believe

So, do I have a wild story to tell or what. . . Yesterday, I was strolling around the commercial district of Bangkok. Tall buildings and western stores and restaurants kind of make you feel like you’re walking the streets of Chicago. I noticed some kids, just old enough to seem to always want to […]


Letters from Bangkok: To England from Abroad

27th November 2018 Dear Cass, I’m back in Bangkok. You’re back in London. You are coming to Thailand in a matter of weeks and I’m thrilled. I’ve adapted a love-hate thing for this city. It shows flashes of being a truly cool city, but then the parts about it that I don’t enjoy become over-bearing. […]


Letters From Vietnam: To a Family Friend from Abroad

28th November 2018 Mr. McCray – I’ve been in Vietnam for the better part of a month now. For a large majority of that month, I’ve been on a small island in the world-renown Ha Long Bay. The island is named Cat Ba and it is one of the only inhabited islands in the bay. […]

The 1975’s New Album as it Relates to the World’s Reality

What does it take to actually find oneself in today’s age — in a world lost in a web so far from reality it couldn’t reach it with a ten-foot pole? That has been what has been on my mind following my favorite band, The 1975’s, latest album release. On that album, Matty Healy, frontman […]

Letters From Vietnam: To My Grandad From Abroad

24th October 2018 Dear Grandad, I’ve just arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam last night. I came with a friend whom I made in Bangkok, Rodri (short for Rodrigo), from Buenos Aires. When we arrived, it was late. The city was dark and trashy and a bit intimidating. Starved, we bounced around the city with our backpacks […]


Letters From Vietnam: To my Hometown from Abroad

04 December 2018 Dear Anton, It has been such a long time since we’ve seen each other and I apologize for that. I am now living in southern Thailand with a friend whom I’ve been in contact with for years but only recently met when we decided the brainstorming stage was worn thin and we […]


Letters from Vietnam: To France from Abroad

23rd November 2018 Tiph, Sorry, this letter is so delayed. I ended up on the island of Cat Ba and the post is particularly difficult to access there. So I’ve had to wait a few weeks until I was back on the mainland. I’m writing this as I’m in the crazy capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. […]

Realizing You’ve Traveled the World With the Ultimate Privilege

Most people don’t understand what it’s like to have a restriction on travel. For most living in a western society where traveling is affordable and obtainable, our passport allows us access to a lot of places on Earth. I was one of those people for many years. I grew up with a passport from the […]