Travel Advice for First-Time Round-the-World Explorers

** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** Exploring the world is very different to taking a relaxing vacation to some sunny resort by a private beach. There’s so much to plan and so many precautions to take. This isn’t meant to sound like the “fun police” sucking the excitement out of your travels. In fact, it’s the opposite. […]

Adding a Sense of Luxury to Your Next Trip

While it’s all well and good attempting to travel on a budget at certain times, sometimes you want to push the boat out, so to speak, and travel in the lap of luxury. Admittedly, some trips are designed to be a little rough around the edges, but other trips don’t have to be, it all […]

Here’s What You Need to Know When Planning a Surprise Trip for Someone

** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** Planning a surprise trip for someone can be difficult. You not only have to keep the whole thing a secret, but you also have to worry about where you are going to go and even how you are going to pay for it as well. Luckily, this guide should help you […]

Hey! I Published a Fiction Travel Novel — Check it out!

In case you haven’t heard, I just finished writing my first novel! It’s set to be published in less than two weeks (15th November). You can read more about it and help me spread the word. In honor of my first novel being published, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite travel novels written by […]


How To Leave an Amazon Book Review — Help Me! (SUMMER OF ’92 DEBUT NOVEL)

How to Leave an Amazon Kindle Review I’ve just published my debut novel, Summer of ’92 on Amazon. I’m thankful for all of you who have already purchased it, read it, and sent me feedback. It’s still astonishing to me that this novel has come to fruition and actual people not named “Mom” are reading it. . […]

Book Review Dogs of Nam

Chris Oldfield’s ‘Dogs of Nam’ Book Review

I don’t normally share book reviews on my site. However, whenever I run into a fellow travel blogger who has written a new book, I always like to give it a read. Fortunately, Chris gave me an exclusive peek at his book out now! I’m sharing my review on ‘Dogs of Nam’ because I believe […]