Letters From Bangkok: To Paris From Abroad

10 October 2018 Dear Lola, It’s week three in Bangkok. I still have a hard time imagining I’m in Thailand. Even though I’ve always wanted to come to this side of the world, it all happened so quickly that my mind is still in Europe. I’m fairly alone most of the time here which I […]

How To: Travel Reward Credit Cards HACK

** This post is sponsored by Lexington Law ** I love to travel. The idea of a life full of travel was always a pipe dream to me. Of course, I wanted it, but I knew there was no realistic way to keep affording it over a long period of time. That is when I […]

Book Review Dogs of Nam

Chris Oldfield’s ‘Dogs of Nam’ Book Review

I don’t normally share book reviews on my site. However, whenever I run into a fellow travel blogger who has written a new book, I always like to give it a read. Fortunately, Chris gave me an exclusive peek at his book out now! I’m sharing my review on ‘Dogs of Nam’ because I believe […]

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3 Years & 30 Photographs

This collection of captured memories — the photographs and memories from my time out on the road — was created for my not-so photogenic memory. I wanted a place to see all of my photograph memories in one place for my struggling eidetic memory. The more I’ve traveled, the more I’ve caught a desire to […]

A trip on the worst road in the world. Read about it! Botswana Africa Map, Botswana City, Is Botswana Safe, Botswana Desert, Botswana Temperature #botswana #namibia #southafrica #africa South Africa is one of the most Developed Countries in Africa, but that doesn’t mean there has been Poverty Alleviation. Why Is Africa Under Developed? Why is Africa So Poor? These are all things I couldn’t help but be curious about while I was living in the village. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life and I was glad my Grandad was right by my side. We will continue to stay involved in an effort to combat poverty in Africa. This is an exert from my new novel “This Is Africa”. You can buy it on my website www.wanderwayer.com // How To Help People living in Absolute Poverty in Africa Countries, speaking African Languages, Poorest Country in The World, African Countries #africa #southafrica #village

A Drive Through The Botswana Desert On The Worst Highway In The World

The most stressful highway in the world lies just south of the north Namibian panhandle across the Botswana border. Most border highways are pristine as to leave a good impression on the visitors entering the country. Botswana doesn’t seem to regard that as important and it’s evident by driving this highway. I use the term […]

Why Is Africa Under Developed? Even though South Africa is one of the most Developed Countries in Africa, Some African Countries are still living in Absolute Poverty. Why is Africa So Poor? This is something my Grandad and I tried to tackle while traveling the continent for a summer. his is an exert from my new novel “This Is Africa”. You can buy it on my website www.wanderwayer.com // How To Help People, Poverty Alleviation, African Village, Africa Countries, African Languages, Poorest Country in The World, #africa #southafrica #village

The Truth About Africa: Poverty Alleviation in Most Developed Countries in Africa

I recently published  a memoir about the summer I spent in Sub-Sahara Africa with my 76-year-old Grandad in which we discovered a lot about ourselves and a lot about life on the other side of the world. Traveling with your Grandad is about as crazy as it sounds. Thought-provoking, hardships, real-life experiences that we couldn’t […]

Getting Your Wedding Morning Just Right

** CONTRIBUTED POST ** We spend so much money and time on our weddings. Many of us get engaged and start planning our big day years before it takes place. We plan the music, the flowers, our journey to the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, the dancing and the food. We even consider how we want our […]

How to Stay Safe When Booking an Activity Abroad

** CONTRIBUTED POST ** Booking a holiday can be a very fun and exciting process. You get to plan out where you are going to go, what activities you are going to take part in and so much more. You do however need to make sure that you stay as safe as possible when you go […]