To any real traveler, it's not about touring all 196 countries or which countries I have visited; It's about which country in the world you experience full. It's not about how many countries in the world at present day.

Time to Consider How We’re Impacted By Travel

Some of us (including me) like to show off our list of countries we have successfully checked off on our pursuit to see all 196 countries and feel proud of where we have been. But to who? Why do I count the countries I have visited? Like, honestly. . . As a real traveler, we […]

Spending Christmas Alone mixed nationalities spending thanksgiving alone

Travelling Alone for the Holidays | Wanderway Travel

The holiday season is here so I thought I’d share my experiences spending Christmas alone with others who were living abroad among 14 mixed nationalities and four continents around the globe. I’m not an advocate for how to cope with living away from family, but I did have an excellent time spending Thanksgiving alone, as well. […]

Starting a new life alone finding happiness in life when you're lonely in a new city and learning how to make friends in a new place

The Advantage of Starting a New Life Alone in a New City

At the time of writing this, I hadn’t left the boundaries of the USA for four months since returning from a year abroad and I was already reaching the “it’s time to hit the road again” stage. I don’t know where I want to go, I just want to go. Far, far away from the rat race […]

Moving to Europe

Moving To A New Country Alone: Finding Inner Happiness in Europe

Seven months ago I returned home to the States from what was the greatest experience of my life. I was in Europe for a little under a year last year finding inner happiness. While there, I created some of the best memories I have to date and made the best of moving to a new […]

Starting a new life alone finding inner peace and happiness by moving to a new place is a worthwhile life-decision. Moving abroad alone was my best idea in how to make friends in a new place.

I’m Not Running Away From Home

Starting a New Life Alone: I don’t run away. . . My life in Kansas City, Missouri is wonderful. I have called that city home for all of my life and I have to say it certainly means a lot to me. It is where all of my family is, and I have a lot of […]

Friends Travel together and everyone needs a trip mate or trip buddy. Traveling with friends is the best kind of friendships.

The Beauty of Lasting Travel Friendships

Over the years of round-the-world travel, I have built quite a diverse list of travel friends from different countries and different parts of the world. Some of them I got very close to some while others I met just for a few moments. Some of them I keep in regular touch with, but the majority […]

The Pursuit of Travel Happiness: Who Do You Want to Be?

Who do you want to be? In travel, we find ourselves in a place in this world that’s different than we are used to; a world that puts us in a different state of mind than we are accustomed to. Happiness is a state of mind, after all. We’re thrust into situations we’re not always […]