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Over the past three years that I left to go travel, I’ve developed myself into a professional storyteller and took my life in a direction that I wanted to lead it. I’m still on the pursuit of good stories for storytelling and experiences that can keep me from falling back into the routine.

That involves meeting a lot of new people every day in this travel world and putting myself in positions to capture good stories for storytelling photography and writing.

Become a Professional Storyteller or Go Travel with Me

Want to meet up on the road and go travel? Get your writing or photos featured on my storytelling blog? Need advice on how to become a professional storyteller? Need me to take care of your dog while you’re on the road? I kid you not, I’ve even hosted friends of readers at my own home before! Getting in contact is easy.

That’s why you should get in touch with me… For anything!

You can also message me on several social media outlets of which I check regularly.

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