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An Introduction

My pursuit to go travel began back in the summer of 2015 on a month-long West Coast road trip in my home country of the United States.

I found myself sleeping in the passenger seat of my tiny 1998 Nissan Altima just to make it affordable to go travel. This was my first time I experienced life on the road and the idea of an alternative lifestyle. My name is Adam Cheshier and I am the founder of Wanderway Travel.things to do in denmark how to get to faroe islands on a faroe islands tour

During this month, the thrills of adapting to life in my car strongly resonated within. I grew as a person more than I ever had, and it left me thirsty for bigger risks to go travel. The trip turned me into an experience-seeker.

Three months later, I gathered all the money I saved to go travel and took off on a nine-month backpacking adventure through Europe. This decision changed my life. My entire life’s path was reinvigorated from the ground up.

The overwhelming amount of influential individuals I met along the way ultimately led to the creation of this; Wanderway Travel.

These individuals inspired me to believe in my own path and desires. I finally believed that success had more than one definition and I had found a version of my own success through traveling.

Not more than a year later, I decided to move continents and go travel permanently. With no plans to settle down in the near future, I am now amidst a life of nomadism and figuring it out as I go. My life as a professional storyteller has just begun. 

So Why Go Travel?

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I was fed up with myself. I was aspiring to reach someone else’s dream and I had already lost motivation for it. I knew I had to find something new; a dream I could call my own. A dream of becoming a professional storyteller with good stories for storytelling and storytelling photography.

But I didn’t know how to go about that. I met so many inspiring people during my trip abroad but couldn’t find the inspiration for my own plan. So I decided to turn my 20’s into a journey of exploration. I’ve rejected the typical path of my parent’s generation not knowing exactly where that will take me. That is what has led to my life of nomadism. 

My mission is to go into this travel world with the purpose of learning how other people and cultures are making their way through this thing called life and the travel world. The end goal is simply clarity on how I want to start my own. Through speaking with people from all over the globe, I’ve realized that if I’m asking questions, then I’m doing my best type of learning. I’ve had a hell of a time figuring that out and my journey telling true time travel stories has only just begun. things to do in denmark how to get to faroe islands of faroe islands travel

Welcome to the New Age: A Life as a Professional Storyteller

Wanderway was created for the 20-somethings of the world; the ones who are hopeless about the direction society is moving. Wages are going down, debt is going up,  and there’s no sign that working steadily with one company your whole life will give you financial security during retirement anyway.

Everyone has a college degree so that doesn’t differentiate us – the system makes it nearly impossible to ‘get ahead’. Buying a house or making an investment; those once-common career goals are now impractical luxuries for today’s working class.

Right now, the political system is stacked against us so it’s our responsibility to find a new style of being ‘ahead’. A lifestyle that no one knows how to live successfully but us. It’s time to stop living the pattern that past generations have told us to live and go travel. We are a new generation born with wilder minds and we can all become a professional storyteller of our own life.

What if money wasn’t a part of success? Where would you be right now? What would you do? How would you live? I want to prove that success can be defined by more than the money a company determines you are worth. 

There’s no pride in putting your dreams on the back burners for others’. Wanderway was created on the basis that there is an alternative way to make a living after college while not attaining corporate puppet status. I didn’t fancy the after-college route of conformity that I saw most of my peers taking, so I set out in the travel world to find a path less traveled that was more suitable to me and my pursuit to become a professional storyteller.

Our generation is full of innovators; either be different or be content with unextraordinary. Hard work alone won’t make you successful anymore. An open mind, a willingness to sacrifice, and an audacious lifestyle is what it takes to get you there. How you define success is ultimately up to you. We must continually be on the pursuit to be different and live with a wilder mind.

I built this site as a place to tell short travel stories and share my storytelling photography. I am on the pursuit to find good stories for storytelling in this travel world. I made a decision to go travel and share my true time travel stories with you.

I supremely appreciate you following my passion to go travel and this travel world story blog and hope you come back often! Don’t be afraid to contact me if you need anything or want to meet up on the road!

Want to Get Involved?

I’m currently looking for collaborations with street and nature photographers as well as social media influencers. If interested, please email [email protected] with a link to your social profiles or a gallery of your photography work with the subject “WANDERWAY PHOTOGRAPHY”. Get your work shared to a network of thousands and become a part of the Wanderway team.