If surfing is your gig and you are looking for somewhere new to explore this summer, Morocco could be the ideal choice for you. When searching for a new spot to surf and ride the waves this year, there are loads of fun options to choose from. Today we are going to make a run down of all of the spots in Morocco that you should try this year.

When to go

If you fancy joining a club such as Explora Watersports this year and heading out to surf, there are of course different times of the year which will be better for you to surf, which in Morocco can be anywhere between April and July. Head out on the waves to the spots below and have some fun!


Essaouira is a beautiful spot for a holiday this year and it is full of stunning landscapes and also some ruins of a forty which was built a few hundred years ago. It is a great place to head for a surf and here are the top spots in this region:

  • Safi –  This is a great spot at the north of the region which has some big rocky slabs which offer some amazing waves on a strong swell day. It is a great place to go if you want an adventure one day and it is something which is great for those who want a speedy surf. Make sure to keep an eye on the tide for safety and you’ll have an amazing time in the water.
  • Essaouira bay –  we couldn’t have a list without including our namesake, and Essaouira bay is a wonderful spot to surf if you are a beginner or a relaxed surfer who doesn’t care too much about the adrenaline and huge waves. The beach is large and spacious which gives for a more relaxed vibe and you will be able to gain a big swell most days in this area.
  • Sidi Kaouki –  to the south of the region you will be able to enjoy a surfing trip which is amazing for all manner of surfers. It is a great spot for a private surf with the sun on your back and a wonderful atmosphere for all.
  • Imessouane –  this beach is located between the two main regions we are talking about today: Essaouira and Taghazout. This is the ideal spot for a beginner because the waves here are smooth and longboard and they will rarely get messy and rocky. It is a great place to practice when you want to learn stability on the boards.


This next region is in the heart of Africa and it is a wonderful place to visit for a first timer. Located in a fishing village, this quaint and stunning and comes alive during the winter for surfing glory. Here are the best spots to choose around this area:

  • Killer Point – a scary name, but nothing to worry about. It has an incredibly powerful wave and is one for the adventurers amongst you.
  • La Source – This is another spot which has an impressive wave and it can be a great spot for surfers to get an instagram video or a slow motion video for their followers because the wave is big and clean.
  • Devil’s Rock – the names of some of these spots might be creepy but this is well deserved and it shows just how epic these surf spots can be. Devil’s rock is a beach which has left and right hand waves and it is up to you to work out which one will happen at which time.