Friends Travel together and everyone needs a trip mate or trip buddy. Traveling with friends is the best kind of friendships.

The Beauty of Lasting Travel Friendships

Over the years of round-the-world travel, I have built quite a diverse list of travel friends from different countries and different parts of the world. Some of them I got very close to some while others I met just for a few moments. Some of them I keep in regular touch with, but the majority […]

The Pursuit of Travel Happiness: Who Do You Want to Be?

Who do you want to be? In travel, we find ourselves in a place in this world that’s different than we are used to; a world that puts us in a different state of mind than we are accustomed to. Happiness is a state of mind, after all. We’re thrust into situations we’re not always […]

Couch Hopping

Couch Hopping While Traveling Countries in Europe for 2 Months

I am not usually one to brag about my achievements, but perhaps the most important experience I have lived to date was one year ago when I studied abroad on the European island Malta for six months. Initially, I didn’t think I could afford it and therefore studying abroad did not interest me. It wasn’t until […]

My travels have put me through amazing memories and unforgettable opportunities. However, this is one of those instances of a dark day during my travels. In March of 2016, I was living in Belgium with a Host Family when the Brussels Bombings happened and the Brussels Attack was the top World News. I was scared. People around me were scared. But, still, it remained rather calmly eerie. // Random Place In The World, Ghent To Brussels Short Stories and Traveller's Tales, Travel Stories, Finding Inspiration, Travel Writer #writinginspiration #travelinspiration #travelwriter

Random Place in the World: I Witnessed the Brussels Attack

I was living in Ghent in March of 2016 when terror struck Belgium in the Brussels attack. Living in a random place in the world, but Ghent to Belgium is not far. I was living with a host family when the Brussels bombings shook the world. We hear about terrorism and our hearts always break for […]

Broke college student cambridge day trip from london dumpster diving day trip to cambridge travel stories

Broke College Student Dumpster Diving on a Day Trip to Cambridge

Since I wrote this story, I’ve acquired quite a list of travel stories. Matter of fact, after this occurrence, I realized that I like putting myself in tough situations. It’s when you learn the most and open yourself up to fate. I love that feeling and I owe the discovery all to the time I […]

I think i was drugged

I Think I Was Drugged: The Scariest Moment of My Travels

There I was, blacked out, being picked up off the floor of one of the many Sofia bars in Bulgaria by strangers. I think I was drugged. I was horrified and embarrassed. Confused. And most of all, I was alone and terrified about that. “How did this night come to this point?”, I thought. I […]

Locked Up Abroad by Poland Police because I got too drunk and embarrassed myself.

Locked Up Abroad: One Beer Too Many With My Permit Expired

Nowhere in my wildest dreams had I planned to be locked up abroad in the back of a Poland Police car during the first hour of April in 2016, but that’s exactly where I was. And honestly, I was not near as scared about being arrested abroad as I should have been looking back on it. […]