Get out of the House – 3 Ways to Entertain Yourself Other than by Playing Video Games

These days, the natural human yearning for excitement and adventure is just as strong as it’s always been, but more and more people are opting to fulfill that desire by retreating into virtual space, and playing video games instead of actually going outside. There’s nothing too surprising about that. The digital world as a whole […]


Singapore: Sling Your Packing In Your Suitcase And Get-Going

So, you’ve decided head to the city-state of Singapore; you’re in for a treat. The multicultural destination boasts a rich history, full of cultural and scenic delights, and has a tropical climate to boot. You’ll find a mixture of grand buildings, city elegance and charm, along with quaint traditions and breathtaking temples. There really will […]

8 Reasons To Visit Croatia On Your Next Holiday

8 Reasons To Visit Croatia On Your Next Holiday

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that has it all, why not consider Croatia for your next trip? Whilst it may not be somewhere that is top of your list, Croatia is the perfect destination for those that want to relax, as well as those that seek thrilling adventures. With luxury resorts and exciting […]


Making The Great Outdoors A Great Trip: Surviving Camping When You’ve Never Done It Before

Going on any journey is about capturing the moments, and exploring new ground, but when you go camping, it can feel like you’re left alone to the elements in many ways. If you’ve never been camping before, how do you ensure that you survive it? Is it just about getting the right equipment, or is […]


Letters From Borneo: To Home from Abroad

Dear Zach & Pax, I’m nearing three months in Borneo. You may not know a lot about this place (most people don’t), so I’ll give you some quick information from my own research since arriving. Borneo is the third largest island in the world behind Greenland and New Guinea (and Australia, if you count it […]

Letters From Bangkok: To Greece From Abroad

13th October 2018 Dear Vasilis, It’s been quite a time here in Bangkok. Though my days are now numbered, I must say I am really enjoying this style of traveling even if my travel aspirations and list of Asian cities I want to live in grows longer each day. Often, I notice similarities between here […]

Everything You Need To Do Before Going On A Hike

*** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT *** Picture Source Hiking can be a wonderful experience, whether you do it with your family, your friends, or even on your own. But it’s important to prepare before even the shortest of excursions. If you want to fully appreciate the trek then you need to make sure you have all the […]


Letters From Vietnam: To Home From Abroad

24th October 2018 Dear Grandad, I’ve just arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam last night. I came with a friend whom I made in Bangkok, Rodri (short for Rodrigo), from Buenos Aires. When we arrived, it was late. The city was dark and trashy and a bit intimidating. Starved, we bounced around the city with our backpacks […]