Letters From Vietnam: To Kansas City From Abroad

25th October 2018 Dear Shawn, After an underwhelming initial impression, the city of Hanoi has really hit its mark on me. The people seemed uninviting but now I think that’s the wrong interpretation. Coming from Thailand, where locals are so in-your-business and genuine about interaction with tourists, I was expecting more of the same here. […]


A Story of Make Believe

So, do I have a wild story to tell or what. . . Yesterday, I was strolling around the commercial district of Bangkok. Tall buildings and western stores and restaurants kind of make you feel like you’re walking the streets of Chicago. I noticed some kids, just old enough to seem to always want to […]


Letters from Bangkok: To England from Abroad

27th November 2018 Dear Cass, I’m back in Bangkok. You’re back in London. You are coming to Thailand in a matter of weeks and I’m thrilled. I’ve adapted a love-hate thing for this city. It shows flashes of being a truly cool city, but then the parts about it that I don’t enjoy become over-bearing. […]

Essential Items For Solo Travelers

Image Credit ** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** Solo travel is definitely on the rise, and it’s actually safer than it’s ever been for people to travel solo. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be taking precautions just as you would when you were travelling anywhere or even if you’re just remaining in your home town. […]


Letters From Vietnam: To a Family Friend from Abroad

28th November 2018 Mr. McCray – I’ve been in Vietnam for the better part of a month now. For a large majority of that month, I’ve been on a small island in the world-renown Ha Long Bay. The island is named Cat Ba and it is one of the only inhabited islands in the bay. […]

Making Your Next Road Adventure Unforgettable

** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** Long journeys don’t always have to be tedious. In fact, as soon as you add the “road trip” label to a journey, it instantly transforms into an adventure. If you’ve been on a road trip before then you’ll know this is the case. There’s nothing like hitting the open road with […]

Adventure On The Agenda: Vacation Ideas To Get The Excitement Ignited In You!

Picture ** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** If you’re not the kind of guy that spends their vacations sat on a sun lounger reading books, but you use any vacation as an excuse to stretch yourself, then lucky you, you’ve got the world on your doorstep! Some people like to stretch themselves by getting deep into history, […]

The 1975’s New Album as it Relates to the World’s Reality

The 1975’s New Album as it Relates to the World’s Reality

What does it take to actually find oneself in today’s age — in a world lost in a web so far from reality it couldn’t reach it with a ten-foot pole? That has been what has been on my mind following my favorite band, The 1975’s, latest album release. On that album, Matty Healy, frontman […]