Adventure On The Agenda: Vacation Ideas To Get The Excitement Ignited In You!

Picture ** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** If you’re not the kind of guy that spends their vacations sat on a sun lounger reading books, but you use any vacation as an excuse to stretch yourself, then lucky you, you’ve got the world on your doorstep! Some people like to stretch themselves by getting deep into history, […]

The 1975’s New Album as it Relates to the World’s Reality

The 1975’s New Album as it Relates to the World’s Reality

What does it take to actually find oneself in today’s age — in a world lost in a web so far from reality it couldn’t reach it with a ten-foot pole? That has been what has been on my mind following my favorite band, The 1975’s, latest album release. On that album, Matty Healy, frontman […]

Letters From Vietnam: To My Grandad From Abroad

Letters From Vietnam: To My Grandad From Abroad

24th October 2018 Dear Grandad, I’ve just arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam last night. I came with a friend whom I made in Bangkok, Rodri (short for Rodrigo), from Buenos Aires. When we arrived, it was late. The city was dark and trashy and a bit intimidating. Starved, we bounced around the city with our backpacks […]

Must-Read Airline Hacks For Your Next Long-Haul Flight

** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** Traveling – the clue is in the title. To get from A to B, you have to hire a car, jump on a bus or hop on a train. Or, more commonly, you’ve got to board a flight. Flights are the easiest thing in the world most of the time, but […]


Letters From Vietnam: To my Hometown from Abroad

04 December 2018 Dear Anton, It has been such a long time since we’ve seen each other and I apologize for that. I am now living in southern Thailand with a friend whom I’ve been in contact with for years but only recently met when we decided the brainstorming stage was worn thin and we […]


Letters from Vietnam: To France from Abroad

23rd November 2018 Tiph, Sorry, this letter is so delayed. I ended up on the island of Cat Ba and the post is particularly difficult to access there. So I’ve had to wait a few weeks until I was back on the mainland. I’m writing this as I’m in the crazy capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. […]

7 Tips For Planning The Best Road Trip Ever

** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** Vacation planning time is here and it means that you need to think about booking yours. Being in the throes of winter can encourage you to be miserable: dull sky = dull mood. However, once you get yourself online and start looking for vacations, pricing them up and researching locations, your […]

Finding An Online Travel Agency

** CONTRIBUTED CONTENT ** Are you about to plan your next vacation? If so, one of the most important things you need to do is make sure you select a top online travel agency. This is the first step to ensuring a successful holiday. If you take a look on the Internet you will see […]