What does it take to actually find oneself in today’s age — in a world lost in a web so far from reality it couldn’t reach it with a ten-foot pole? That has been what has been on my mind following my favorite band, The 1975’s, latest album release.

On that album, Matty Healy, frontman and my one and true personal idol, opens up about his drug addiction that he’s struggled with for years and also speaks his mind about growing up in this millennial-ever-changing world. He makes a lot of interesting observations without ever being objective. He said in an interview that he wants the listener to choose a message from his words and his album.

The album uniquely titled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, dissects our generation’s relationship with the internet and how it directly affects our ought-self and the world we live in.

In the song titled “Love It If We Made It” he breaks down year’s worth of newspaper headlines within the lyrics; referencing refugee crisis, the Black Lives Matter movement, increasingly invasive technology and religion, and the demise of politics — even singing quotes from verbatim of Donald Trump himself. Healy was quoted in an interview saying if the band was to be censored on the radio, it may as well have been directly relaying words of the leader of the Free World. And there’s no better way to sum up his repeated message of “modernity has failed us” than that.

Through all of the frustrating realities of our world, however, Healy remains hopeful, singing “I’d love it if we made it,” in the hook referring to Us as a society.

This realization of modernity’s failure was much more difficult to get over than I anticipated. Healy, remaining hopeful, seemed calm with our realities despite bringing up these failures. I thought — how could anyone be content with themselves while understanding the hopelessness of these realities?

The world is in a helplessly desperate place and with access to such a large wealth of information from the internet, it’s so hard to know where you fit into it. It has become truly difficult to know who you are and what you will stand for. As a matter of fact, it seems even with more opportunity than ever to become educated on the world’s hopeless realities, most people are choosing complacency — myself included. There are too many lost causes to dedicate ourselves to and it has become an excuse for being spiritless about anything.

Many of us represent the idea of change — especially as it relates to humanity and political rights, but very few are actively trying to stir change.

We’ve become so lost in our own small trappings of life we create the illusion in our head we are too busy. Meanwhile, the Earth falls. Meanwhile, too, nobody really discovers who they are.

I think that’s what Healy has found that allows him to be calm and create art like this. He has found exactly himself and I believe in order to do that, he had to get through sincere insanity. I believe we are so lost in a maze of the worldwide web that it takes isolation and insanity to get us out. Very few people have to suffer through that and even fewer make it out, but the ones who do are the ones we need to listen to before everything becomes too late.

The message of The 1975’s latest album has struck a chord stronger than I think I’m capable of handling in times like these, but I believe the impact is important.