My Top 100 Travel Experiences

My favorite part of my Top 100 travel experiences is that the list is continually growing and ever-changing. The purpose of this collection of stories is to inspire you to live your best life now.

From road trip stories to funny travel stories, my decision to go travel has resulted in some of the most memorable experiences I could’ve asked for in this travel world.

The list is not finished for the sake of not saturating it with experiences I do not truly feel are unique and the fact that I always want to leave room for more experiences. Below is a list of my most memorable experiences on the road in no particular order:

  1. Study Abroad in Malta: I had the experience of my life that changed everything!
  2. Coolest Story I’ve Ever Told: I had always dreamed of telling this story.I have plenty of funny travel stories and travel horror stories, but nothing compares to this time when I made the best of a bad situation at the airport.
  3. My First Time Skydiving: I never imagined it would all happen this fast.jumping from a plane and first time skydiving tips about the best time to go skydiving
  4. Arrested in Poland: Don’t mind this one, Mom.Locked Up Abroad by Poland Police because I got too drunk and embarrassed myself.
  5. Sleeping under a Bridge: That one time I realized my style of extreme budget traveling.Dumpster Diving Day Trip to Cambridge Day Trip from London
  6. Detained in a Foreign Country: I broke the law and got caught.How long can you stay in Europe without a visa run for US EU Visa? How long can a US citizen stay in Europe?
  7. A summer on the beach at Diveshack: I learned to scuba dive in the Mediterranean.summer on the beach
  8. Austin City Limits Music Festival: My first music festival will always be a special one.
  9. Hiking Long’s Peak: My near-death experience at 14,000 feet.Hiking longs peak rock climbing guide longs peak guide to longs peak map and camping near longs peak
  10. Drinking Chimarrao from the same Cuia as the Pope
  11. Two summers living in my car: The beginning of the road for this lifeliving in a car to save money in one of the best cars to live in crossing off every car camping checklist
  12. Solo-Tripping Around Amsterdam: A night walking the canals of Amsterdam.
  13. A night under the stars at Lake Tahoe: A memory alone that I won’t soon forget.
  14. Drugged in Sofia, Bulgaria: Sometimes, I make bad decisions. Like this one.I think i was drugged
  15. Traveling around a country with strangers: A peculiar group in a more peculiar country.
  16. Exploring Yosemite’s Secret Places with Employees: A National Park experience like I’ve never had.Yosemite Park Camping and Yosemite Climbing are what makes Yosemite Peaks so prestigous.
  17. Vegan for a month in Ghent, Belgium: Learning new lifestyles is good.My Workaway Review about my Workaway Experience and how to live abroad for free
  18. Skinny dipping in the Mediterranean Sea: I hope you can “bare” it.
  19. Moving continents: Packing up and moving is difficult, but the right decision.
  20. The slow-ride up Highway 1: From Mexico to Canada
  21. A Drunken Hike Up an Italian Mountain: Midnight Hiking in Como
  22. Hiking in Malta: Two idiots and some good fortune.getting lost in a dream on a rough guide Malta Hiking event using cross country trails
  23. My Drunken Village Speech: A night with the Georgian localsVardzia Georgia Cave City Top Things To Do In Georgia Holidays, Top Ten Things to do in Georgia, Top Ten Things to Do in Georgia, Georgia Landmarks, Georgia Landmarks, Cities in Georgia, Top Georgia Attractions, Best Places To Visit In Georgia, Where is Georgia #georgia #travelmore
  24. Crashing an exclusive international party in Gozo
  25. A party on the Liberty Bridge of Budapest
  26. Camping in an Abandoned Hotel: My night with strangers on a forgotten island

    Gozo coastal walk gozo beach gozo walking trails

  27. Sneaking into Napoleon Bonaparte’s Forbidden Room: An adventure through Algier’s Casbahdefine casbah, define kasbah, kasbah definition, kasbah meaning and what this story tells me about all of it.
  28. My first EuroTrip: 10 countries, international friends, and a hell of a time.Couch Hopping
  29. A spooky night with a stranger in Martigues, France: A hospitable scare that taught me a lesson.complete stranger host me is marseille safe for tourists fisherman
  30. Meeting the Rough Sleepers of Marseille, France: A huge advantage of my extreme traveling budget.rough sleepers marseille france garbage pizza street performance and secret cove
  31. Participating in Ramadan: A month of religious fasting and communityReligious Fasting Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan
  32. Hiking The Best Trail in America: The Narrows in Zion National ParkHiking the Narrows at Zion canyon hike wading water
  33. The Unexpected Storm: The perfect storm for a mad dash off the mountainCamping Stories and Unexpected rain should have been predicted given the Faroe Islands weather
  34. Homeless Island Hopping: Four nights bumming it in Greece4 days bumming it on the streets of greece zantes
  35. Lost in the Fog: Stranded atop a Faroese mountainvagar faroe islands on faroe islands hiking trails a part of a faroe islands itinerary on vagar island and how to get to faroe islands by ferry to faroe islands
  36. My Terrifying Month in a Muslim Country: An eye-opening experience of new cultureThings I learned in a Muslim country is a simpler life in a Muslim world.
  37. The Village Kids of Deep Africa: Why Is Africa Underdeveloped?South Africa is one of the most Developed Countries in Africa, but that doesn’t mean there has been Poverty Alleviation. Why Is Africa Under Developed? Why is Africa So Poor? These are all things I couldn’t help but be curious about while I was living in the village. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life and I was glad my Grandad was right by my side. We will continue to stay involved in an effort to combat poverty in Africa. This is an exert from my new novel “This Is Africa”. You can buy it on my website // How To Help People living in Absolute Poverty in Africa Countries, speaking African Languages, Poorest Country in The World, African Countries #africa #southafrica #village
  38. A Day in Kruger National Park: A Self-Driven SafariOne of the most prestigious and well-known National Parks in Africa, Kruger National Park is one of the best South Africa Park Game Lodge in the entire world. Whether it’s a Kruger Self Drive or a day trip from Johannesburg to Kruger, a Safari Drive is the best way to spend your time in South Africa. For us, the Drive In Safari was one of the most memorable moments. // Top Things To Do In South Africa Holidays, Top Ten Things to do in South Africa, Top Ten Things to Do in Cape Town, Cape Town Landmarks, South Africa Landmarks, Cities in South Africa, Top South Africa Attractions, Best Places To Visit In South Africa, Where is South Africa #southafrica #capetown #southernafrica #safari #wildlife #krugernationalpark #kruger #africa #southafrica #africasafari #safari #wildlife
  39. This is Africa: The Story that Inspired the NovelWhy Is Africa Under Developed? Even though South Africa is one of the most Developed Countries in Africa, Some African Countries are still living in Absolute Poverty. Why is Africa So Poor? This is something my Grandad and I tried to tackle while traveling the continent for a summer. his is an exert from my new novel “This Is Africa”. You can buy it on my website // How To Help People, Poverty Alleviation, African Village, Africa Countries, African Languages, Poorest Country in The World, #africa #southafrica #village